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Top Tablet PC for Students

Low Cost Tablet PC for Students - Beemo

Top Tablet PC for Students

As technology embraces us, there are various reasons why students should put their mind in investing in a tablet. Features like weightless on their backs, everlasting battery and various touch-friendly apps available on a tablet are something worth going for. All-in-all, apps, versatility and design, along with accessories present in a tablet are the reason why one should have their own tablet.


Keeping the age of the student in mind, there are many options when you are going to buy one. As parents of grad-school, they would likely get the tabs that have parental apps and controls that are geared towards the kids using the tabs. There are also tablets for those students who prefer making scribble notes during their lectures. Conclusively, you can buy any tablet from a huge range of options available in the market now. Here are the top best affordable tablets you can buy as a student or as the parents of a young student:


Apple iPad and iPad mini ($429 to $599)

The 4th generation iPad Mini and iPad have a huge something in common – they have more than 370,000 apps available just for the Apple tabs. This means that from cutting-edge games to productivity tools and educational apps, you can get everything related to a student-life under the roof of an iPad. With the iPad’s fast A6X processor and 9.7 inch Retina Display and iPad Mini’s 7.9 inch screen, both are a better use for students.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ($399)

The Galaxy Note 8 is the ideal piece of technology with it comes on keeping a tab for lecture purposes. It comes with a built-in S Pen that makes it easy to pen down notes during class. Any multi-tasking person would love this as they run two apps on the sides of the screen at the same time. After you are done doing your class work, sit back and use the tablet as the TV remote through the built-in apps.


Amazon Kindle Fire HD ($199)

The 7-inch tablet allows the kids to explore free books under the Kindle Owner Lending Library. With the Amazon Prime Membership, they are also allowed to see free videos. There are various educational apps and games brought in by Kindle that enhance the knowledge and thinking of the kids. Powerful set of speakers, bright HD display, parental controls and easy to use, the tablet is great for the young tweens.


Beemo M77 ($99)

Don’t let the cheap price tag scare you off. Available online and in many leading stores, the Beemo M77 with 7 inch high resolution LCD boasts the quality of the display. With Android 4.2 and a dual core processor, there are many activities you can do on this tablet. If you are looking for something cheap that offers the best deal, this is the ideal option for you and your child.


Getting a tablet today under various options is not as easy as it sounds. You need to keep all of your requirements – from money to feasibility in mind before investing in a tablet. Make the wise choice!